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Art  & Craft  Supplies  for

Beginners to Professional

  • Acrylic Paints- Tri-Art  High-Velosity , Tri-Art Liquids Rheotech, True Color, Art Noise
    • Solucryl- Foundations, Tri-Art acrylic Inks
    • Mediums, Glass Paint, Fabric Paint
    • Golden, Liqutex
  • Oils – Windsor Newton; Winton Oils
    • Tri-Art Oils & mediums, Graham oil
  • Pastels- Rembrant; Nupastel; Pan Pastels
    • Sennelier, Faber-Castel, Soffit blenders
    • soft & oil pastels , sand paper
  • Pencil Crayons – Staedtler, Prisma Color
    • Faber-Castel, water-soluble pencil crayons
    • Markers, artist quality pencil crayons
  • Watercolors – Tri-Art; Cotman, Winsor Newton, Yarka
    • Professional; student quality
    • Brushes – Artist & craft
  • Canvas – Professional artist standard canvas,
    • Deep canvas,
    • Primed & raw canvas on the roll
    • Canvas boards, and canvas bars
  • Easels- Studio, table, pastel; French easels
    • Art Boxes, brush boxes
    • Portfolios
  • Papers- Arches; Fabriano, Stonehedge, Canson
    • Mi-tients, Brockingford,
  • Brushes- oils, acrylics, water color, crafters,
  • Drawing Supplies- charcoals, pencils, Speed ball inks, markers
    • Assorted artist tools
  • How to Art Books, full assortment
Professional artist on staff to assist with questions
regarding materials and techniques
We are more than happy to mail orders for out of town customers. Please phone us for details.
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