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Steve Mitts
    My art reflects what is important to me. The Renaissance was the birth place for where nature and science were studied, understood and ultimately combined in the art of the masters. It was a time where self awareness was slowly finding a postition in art and artists were examining new approches to old ideas. It is from this period and this way of thinking that my work was derived and formed. I paint from the Renaissance period. I use Renaissance imagery, subject matter and colours to create my own compositions. The use of boarders, gels and a formalist approach to painting enables me to add techniques which are mine, intertwine them with appropriated information and create new and unique images.

    My paintings are derived from the Renaissance period, however they are all not painted in this style. The additions of a painterly method and bright colours have brought with them strong mood, this along with the already solid subjuect matter of the period intertwine effectively to develop a new rich composition.

    My work deals with how objects become common and perhaps lose some of their value, but when they become recycled they become new again. I use my own technique and process and present it in my way. I take out what is necessary to me and add that which is for the piece to become unique, reconstructed and mine. By doing this, adding my style and interpretaion I have created a new meaning and painting from ubiquitous contexts, transforming it once more to a unique and special level.
Steve Mitts - Three Pears
Three Pears
36 x 24 in.  Acrylic  $2085 Framed
Steve Mitts - The Garden of Flora
The Garden of Flora
24 x 24 in.  Acrylic  $1182 Framed
Steve Mitts - Opposing Schools of Thought
Opposing Schools of Thought
20 x 36 in.  Acrylic  $1945 Framed
Steve Mitts - Calm Waters
Calm Waters
30 x 20 in.  Acrylic  $1330 Framed
Steve Mitts - Angelic Song
Angelic Song
24 x 20 in.  Acrylic  $836 Framed
Steve Mitts - The Red Violin
The Red Violin
18 x 36 in.  Acrylic  $1430 Framed
Steve Mitts - Spring 1571
Spring 1571
8 x 10 in.  Acrylic  $370 Framed
Steve Mitts - Farming Family
Farming Family
12 x 10 in.  Acrylic  $430 Framed
Steve Mitts - Winter Fun
Winter Fun
24 x 30 in.  Acrylic  $1385 Framed
Steve Mitts - Winter Stillness
Winter Stillness
8 x 10 in.  Acrylic  $380 Framed
Steve Mitts - Young Dreamer
Young Dreamer
20 x 16 in.  Acrylic  $805 Framed

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Artist Statement
      Steve's work comes from the Renaissance, primarily from the period 1470-1550. For the most part his work deals with the common interests of two different centuries, ours and the Italian Renaissance. 500 years have passed and yet human nature prevails. Steve's art looks at the common emotions and situations felt in our culture and places them in a period where they also existed. The subject matter in his paintings usually involve people cotemplating an idea or feeling. They may be playing a musical instrument or singing, reading a letter or looking out a window in hopes of seeing someone they miss. The characters may also be interacting with one another in conversation or debate or even sharing a simple smile. All of these behaviors existed then as they do today, but it is the period that they come from that captures Steve's attention.
       The scenes are posed. They may or may not have happened, some appear to be still lives while others take on a more active presence. Many of Steve's paintings involve more than one subject matter, again a quality of the Renaissance paintings. He does not use the just the visual qualities from these previous works but he must also know about their history in order for him to achieve a more complete painting true to the period. This is the much labored process that Steve follows to attain a finished and rewarding product.
       Steve is constantly exploring new themes and subject matter that was present during the Renaissance and would continue to work in a contemporary period. He strives not only to paint these concepts he loves, but he continuously expands and develops his painting techniques to compliment a period of time that demands perfection.

     Steve R. Mitts was born May 30th, 1968 in Hay River, a small town in the Northwest Territories, Canada. From a young age he began to show artistic promise. His parents encouraged and supported this ability. He has since developed as an artist, yet he is quick to acknowledge he is still a student of the arts and has much to learn.
     After completing a 2 year art program at Red Deer Collage in Red Deer, Alberta, he went on to graduate from the University of Calgary in 1994 with a degree in Fine Arts. During his last year of studies at the University of Calgary he began to experiment with imagery from the Renaissance period combined with his own abstarct painting methods. The outcome would be the general basis of what he works with currently.
     Steve currently is painting from his studio in Camrose, Alberta. An unlikely place to find Renaissance art, yet Steve is finding a large audience for his work possibly due to the various levels of subject matter as well as the techniques they are encapsulated in. One thing is for certain, Steve Mitts is an artist who works from a period in history that has been long over, yet he refuses to forget the magnitude and grandeur of this period which he invites all viewers to explore with him.

1991-1994 - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Double Major, Painting and Drawing) University of Calgary, Calagry,AB
1989-1991 - Art and Design Diploma, Red Deer Collage, Red Deer , AB

Rowles & Company Galleries - Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta
Gallery on Main - Lacombe, Alberta
Candler Art Gallery - Camrose, Alberta
Harvest Room of the Hotel Macdonald - Edmonton, Alberta

Steve's most ambitious works can be seen on the ceilings of a Historical Building in New Hamburg, Ontario. The Project took a year to complete and was done in 2000.