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Lyla Jacobsen
My paintings are often of a particular scene that suddenly catches my eye, be it landscape, common place items about my home, or moments that tell a story. When I see it, I have to sketch it, then, later launch the image to canvas, sometimes with the support of a photo. Sometimes the paintings are based on a memory or emotion from childhood.
Lyla Jacobsen - Cutting a Wide Swath
Cutting a Wide Swath
9 x 19 Inches  Oil  $450 Framed
Lyla Jacobsen - Boats at Rest
Boats at Rest
8 x 10 Inches  Watercolour  $305 Framed
Lyla Jacobsen - A Quiet Moment With Mama
A Quiet Moment With Mama
8 x 8 Inches  Oil  $225 Unframed
Lyla Jacobsen - Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning
14 x 11 Inches  Oil  $400 Unframed
Lyla Jacobsen - Washing Day with Mama
Washing Day with Mama
14 x 11 Inches  Oil  $400 Unframed
Lyla Jacobsen - In Full bloom
In Full bloom
8 x 10 Inches  Oil  $285 Framed
Lyla Jacobsen - Granary in Canola Field
Granary in Canola Field
1216 (Height) Inches  Oil  $535 Framed
Lyla Jacobsen - Old & Listing
Old & Listing
18 x 24 Inches  Oil  Sold
Lyla Jacobsen - My Fat Hen
My Fat Hen
10 x 8 Inches  Oil  Sold
Lyla Jacobsen - Poppies and Poplars
Poppies and Poplars
10 x 8 Inches  Watercolour  Sold
Lyla Jacobsen - Visit to Grandma's Farm
Visit to Grandma's Farm
8 x 10 Inches  Watercolour  Sold
Lyla Jacobsen - Benevolence of Line Dried
Benevolence of Line Dried
15 x 12 Inches  Watercolour  Sold
Lyla Jacobsen - Stitch in Time
Stitch in Time
10 x 8 Inches  Watercolour  Sold
Lyla Jacobsen - Get That Little Nose
Get That Little Nose
14 x 11 Inches  Oil  Sold

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Lyla grew up in Alberta, Canada, with a close connection to six siblings, farm animals and nature. She has created personal greeting cards most of her life. Gardening, and the Northwest outdoors have kept her eye close to the wonders of nature.

Since retiring from nursing she has become more intense about painting, improving her skills through study with Deanne Lemley, Victor Sandblom, Catherine Gill, Teresa Saia, Steve Whitney. Camille Przewodik, Peggi Kroll, and Arnie Westerman. She works mainly with oils and watercolor, doing representational work, and lately including more figurative work of people involved in daily activities.

Lyla has been juried into and sold artwork at shows including The Eastside association of Fine Arts, Kenmore Art, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue Art Fair, Kaewyn Gallery, as well as sold her artwork privately.  Two of her paintings have been selected for posters, one for the Woodinville Garden Club’s 2005 Garden Tour and one for the Eastside Association of Fine Arts 2005 Exhibit.