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Karl Skaret
I most appreciate art on an intuitive level. I value sensuality, vibrancy, and enchantment in my paintings.
Karl Skaret - Home and Away
Home and Away
16 x 20 Inches  Oil  $1400 Framed
Karl Skaret - Dimming
11.75 x 11 Inches  Oil  $770 Framed
Karl Skaret - White Robe
White Robe
22 x 30 Inches  Oil  $2000 Framed
Karl Skaret - Onward and Upward
Onward and Upward
16 x 24 Inches  Oil  $1600 Framed
Karl Skaret - Good Evening
Good Evening
18 x 24 Inches  Oil  $1750 Framed

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Karl Skaret was born Jan. 11, 1966.  He grew up on a farm near Camrose, Alberta. He studied art at Red Deer College and at the Alberta College of Art . He found his way back to the farm and got involved in the beef business with his brother. The natural beauty of his surroundings resulted in many landscape paintings. The sky is always prominent in his landscape paintings. Karl got out of the beef business a few years ago, and now that he is less directly under the influence of the countryside, his interest in abstract art has found the power to be expressed. Whether painting representationally or abstractly, Karl strives for sensuality, vibrancy, and enchantment in his paintings.