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Prairie Images
Joe Haire
Joe Haire was born and raised in Edmonton where he and his wife Peggy lived with their three children until moving to St. Albert in 1986. In 1999, he and Peggy moved to Lake Isle. His career as a fine artist, painting in oils, began without the benefit of formal training in 1962.

Both Joe's talent and his personal mastery of the medium are exhibited in his depiction of a variety of Western Canadian subjects: prairie landscapes, old buildings and majestic mountains. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Joe's skills lies in his ability to depict the chilling loneliness of a winter day, or the mysterious empty feeling of a deserted barn in the countryside. He rises to the challenge of breathing beauty and emotion into everything he paints, from prairies through the mountains to the west coast.

Joe has had many successful showings of his works in Alberta galleries. He feels that working with visual presentation displays for many years has enhanced his sense of design in the layout of his paintings.

In 2001, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie were presented with one of Joe's paintings, "February Afternoon", by the City of Edmonton, to mark their visit tot he World Track and Field Championships.
Joe Haire - Weathering with Age
Weathering with Age
9 x 12 Inches  Oil  $625 Framed
Joe Haire - First Touch of Winter
First Touch of Winter
8 x 10 Inches  Acrylic  $565 Framed
Joe Haire - A Touch of Autumn
A Touch of Autumn
9 x 12 Inches  Oil  $625 Framed
Joe Haire - On the Road to Prince Albert
On the Road to Prince Albert
8 x 10 Inches  Acrylic  $565 Framed
Joe Haire - Colors of Winter
Colors of Winter
12 x 16 Inches  Oil  Sold
Joe Haire - Old Winter Memories
Old Winter Memories
11 x 14 Inches  Oil  Sold
Joe Haire - Last Days of Autumn
Last Days of Autumn
8 x 10 Inches  Acrylic  $565 Framed

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