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Mel Heath
Mel was introduced to painting at the age of ten by Salem Hatch an Ontario artist. Mel grew up in Saskatchewan and in his teen was introduced to watercolor by Robert Hurley who took him pleinair painting.Mel has continued to paint improving himself through hundred of art books and trial and error.this has allowed hime to develop his own style and rules.
Mel Heath - Sagging
11 x 15 Inches  Watercolour  $600 Unframed
Mel Heath - Daffodils
16 x 20 Inches  Oil  $1600 Unframed
Mel Heath - Alone at Sundown
Alone at Sundown
11 x 15 Inches  Watercolour  $600 Unframed
Mel Heath - Iris
20 x 16 Inches  Oil  $1600 Unframed
Mel Heath - Summer Storm
Summer Storm
24 x 30 Inches  Oil  Sold
Mel Heath - Winter Feed
Winter Feed
11 x 15 Inches  Watercolour  Sold
Mel Heath - End of the Line
End of the Line
12 x 16 Inches  Oil  Sold

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