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Andrew Raszewski
"My main interest is light. The play of light in the world of wild nature and in rural landscape has always had a magical quality for me. The kaleidoscopic, infinite variablity of atmosphere, colour and form through the days and seasons always will provide me with a visual feast and present continuous challenge for me as an artist.

In my view a painting is not only a representation of a 3D form on the two dimentional plane of the canvas, but it is also the smell of fallen leaves in autumn, the high calls of migrating geese or the wet touch of fog clinging to a marsh on a cool September morning.

My paintings are a quintessence, a synthesis of my own emotional response to the world surrounding us.

Through my canvases I want to share the beauty, the power and vulnerability of the natural world in which we are privilaged to live."
Andrew Raszewski - Golden Autumn in the Rockies
Golden Autumn in the Rockies
18 x 24 Inches  Acrylic  $2000 Framed
Andrew Raszewski - Abandoned but Still Alive
Abandoned but Still Alive
12 x 24 Inches  Acrylic  $1600 Framed
Andrew Raszewski - View from the Road
View from the Road
16 x 36 Inches  Acrylic  Sold

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    Throughout his life, nature and art have played a major role in Andrew's development as an artist. Although educated as a wildlife biologist, he always found the interplay of colour, form and light facinating. This became the over-riding factor in his decision to devote all his time to art.
    Although born in Warsaw, the captial of Poland, Andrew's deep love of nature drew him into the countryside and into the woods. There, with a sketchbook and a camera, he recorded the natural beauty of the extensive forests, flowering meadows and pastoral character of the rural landscapes. Upon his arrival to Canada in the mid-sixties, he dedicated himself to exploring and studying the multifaceted beauty of his new country's landscape and wildlife.
    The essence of Andrew's work is his deep appreciation and love of the natural world. His emotional responce to it finds its expression in the extraordinary mood and atmosphere of his works.
    In his artistic development he draws upon the mastery of many artists, but especially favours Turner, Monet, Constable, Liljefors, Homer and a Polish romantic landscape and nature painter, Joseph Chelmonski. All these various influences contributed to Andrew's distinctive style of painting readily identifiable as his.
    Since his early university years Andrew illustrated books and magazines as well as numerous scientific works on wildlife and natural history.
    He is also an accomplished natural history writer and photographer.
    His preferred medium is acrylic, but he also works in pastels, oil, watercolour and mixed media.

Private instruction, Poland
Classes audited at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland
Extension courses at the University of Alberta
Educational exploration of a broad spectrum of European art museums

Instructor with the Faculty of Extension, Department of Art, University of Alberta (drawing, photography)
Instructor of art workshops for community groups