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Camrose Images
Audrey Pfannmuller
Please call the Candler Art Gallery @ 1-888-672-8401 Ahead to ensure availability of Audrey's work - Some paintings displayed on this site will be in other galleries in Alberta, British Columbia, or Saskatchewan.

Where we live, as we grow, we take in the energy of that area and it becomes a part of who we are. We cannot escape it, but we can view it from many perspectives, each impacting its own emotions; creating its own memories; taking us into our own direction.
Having grown up in the country, I have a close affinity with the land. I have to embrace and become each area of the landscape in order to interpret that sense in a way others may feel my intensity.
I paint to convey my emotions and feelings - expressions of everything around me. Inspired by Turner, Constable, Van Gogh and the Group of Seven, I desire to continually push colour to interpret the strength and diversity of this land. Regardless of the season, I am inspired by the fleeting beauty and eternal power of nature.
My choice of mediums are pastel and oils, although I have also worked in watercolours and acrylics.
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Spring
36 x 24 x 1.5 Inches  Oil  $1680 Unframed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Still Standing        C2706
Still Standing C2706
11 x 14 Inches  Oil  $540 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Shaded    C1706
Shaded C1706
9 x 12 Inches  Oil  $440 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Invited (Coldwell Banker)
Invited (Coldwell Banker)
12 x 9 Inches  Oil  $520 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - House of Gus
House of Gus
12 x 16 Inches  Oil  $610 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Fall Lane
Fall Lane
12 x 16 Inches  Oil  $610 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Knowledge
8 x 10 Inches  Giclee  $135 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Fall Brilliance
Fall Brilliance
10 x 8 Inches  Giclee  $135 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - The Splendor
The Splendor
10 x 8 Inches  Giclee  $135 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - 4th Hole
4th Hole
12 x 8 Inches  Giclee  $135 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Days of Summer
Days of Summer
8 x 12 Inches  Giclee  $135 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Main Street
Main Street
8 x 12 Inches  Giclee  $135 Framed
Audrey  Pfannmuller - Street Blossoms
Street Blossoms
8 x 12 Inches  Giclee  $135 Framed

Please email the gallery to view more works by Audrey Pfannmuller.

Selected Collections
AB Pension Administration Corp.
Pennock Ace
Dr. T. Ranieri
Westcore Hospitality
Calgary Golf & Country Club
Donna Remmington
Colt Engineering
National Oilwell Development
Simmons Group
Grant MacEwan Communtity Collage
North Star
U of A Hospital
Alberta Treasury Branch
Cross Cancer Clinic
Pan-Canadian Petroleum
Public Works & Government Service
Alberta Insurance Council
Bank of Montreal
Telus Ltd. 1997,98,99,2000,01,02
The Westin Hotel 1997,98,99,2000,01,02
Keegan Psyhcological
Nellie McClung Society
Alberta Family & Social services
Bank of Nova Scotia
Nesbitt Burns
Milner Fenerty
Coopers & Lybrand
Alberta Art Foundation
University of Alberta Extension
many private homes, locally, nationally and  internationally

     Audrey Pfannmuller was raised in a small rural community in north western Alberta. Art and design have always been an important means of expression for her. She began her formal training at Olds Collage with a fashion certificate which was followed with a couturier degree under Sig Plach of Edmonton. She then went on to study art at the Extension Branch of the U of A under the following instructors: Douglas Barry, Harry Savage, Harry Wolthfarth, Ihor Dymtryk, and a selection of potters and sculptors. Other instructors in later years have been Alfred Schmidt, Ruth Whitney-Gerwin, Brent Laycock and Neil Patterson.
     Audrey Moved to Camrose in 1975 where she opened the Candler Art Gallery. At the Gallery, where she is in constant contact with people, she is able to share her concepts on the enjoyment of visual arts. Working in pastels and oils, Audrey shows her love of people by choosing to paint them and their environment.

2002  Workshop, Brent Laycock
2001  Workshop, Neil Patterson
2000-2 Workshop, Brent Laycock, SWCA
1975  Univeristy of Alberta Extension Certificate in Art
1980 to present  Candler Art Gallery
1967  Certificate in Fashion Design - Couturier Degree under Sig Plach of Edmonton

Adele-Campbell Gallery - Whistler, British Columbia
Art Beats Gallery - St.Albert, Alberta
Candler Art Gallery - Camrose, Alberta
Gallery on Main - Lacombe, Alberta
Image 54 - Calgary, Alberta
Johnson's Gallery - Edmonton, Alberta
Pacif'ic Gallery - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Picture This Gallery - Sherwood Park, Alberta
Rowles and Company Gallery - Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta

Art Affiliations
1999  Member Alberta Society of Artists
1998  Associate Member Society of Western Canadian Artists
1997  Signature Member in Pastel Society of Canada
1997  Active Member in AFCA

2000  PSC Merit Award, White Rock - Pastel Society of Canada
1998  Marius-Barbeau Museum Award - Pastel Society of Canada
1992  Certified Picture Framer - PFA
1991  Small Business Owner of the Year, Regional and Local
1983  Dorothy Garner Scholarship - U of A Extension
1978  Dorothy Garner Scholarship - U of A Extension

Selected Exhibitions
2002      G8 exhibit, Calgary
2002-97   Rowles & Company, Edmonton & Calgary
2002-98   Art Beat Gallery, St.Albert
2002      Picture This Gallery, Sherwood Park
2002-00   Adele-Campbell Gallery, Whistler, B.C.
2002-99   Gallery on Main, Lacombe
2002-96   Upper Gallery, Candler Art Gallery
2002-97   Westin Hotel, Edmonton
2000-99   Pacif'ic Gallery, Saskatoon
2000      Jenkin's Gallery, White Rock, B.C.
2000      McMullen Gallery - A.S.A. Group
2000      Seymore Gallery, North Vancouver
1999      New Image Gallery, Gallery, Calgary
1999      Pastel Society of Canada, Hull, Que.
1998-99   Special-T Gallery, Edmonton
1997      Oppertshauser Gallery, Stony Plain
1993-80   Candler Art Gallery

2002  St.Albert Gazette
2001  The Edmonton Journal
2001  Pastel Artist International
1999  The Best of Canadian Pastel - North Light Books