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Gregg Johnson
Raised and educated on the prairies, Gregg has spent his lifetime associated with the arts and students of the arts. A graduate of the University of Alberta, he taught art in four different school districts - the last 28 years in Edmonton - before taking early retirement in 1994. Teaching is one thing, but developing versatility and virtuosity in the various visual media is another thing; Gregg not only taught art, he practiced it.

It was in the early 80's that he made the transition from oil painting to watercolour to free his style and palette to better capture the crispness of the light and drama of the Alberta landscape. A hiker and outdoorsman most of his life, he soon found himself sketching and photographing both the wilderness of the foothills and rockies and the richness and beauty of rural Alberta.

Painting architecture and landscapes year after year can be somewhat repetitive, but the constant goal of this busy artist is to capture authentic locations and render them, not only faithfully, but also creatively. Under his skillful brush, the fabric and character of the countryside come alive with colour and drama. Western Canada has some of the most vibrant and varied subject matter in the world, and the challenge of "painting all of it" keeps Gregg working full time in this pursuit.

He is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Society of Western Canadain Artists, and since his retirement from formal teaching, accolades and success have been the order of the day for this busy artist, with successful solos exhibitions in Edmonton, Canmore and Jasper. His unique and powerful watercolours are now hanging in private and corporate collections in this country and abroad, as well.

A popular teaching artist, he is in much demand for instruction, demonstrations, and workshops throughout western Canada. His annual, week-long Jasper Watercolour Workshops, now in their fifth year, are usually full spring and fall, with people attending from all over the country. A successful format of studio and plein air painting and a friendly, family atmosphere gives his workshops an attractive face to both novice and advanced painters alike.

Recent projects, in addition to the workshops and shows, have included the 1996 ALberta Wheat Pool calendar and a series of limited edition prints. Also on the drawing board is a series of art cards of peaks in the Canadian Rockies. Besides art, Gregg has his own woodworking shop where he whiles away the few free hours he has - building furniture, toys, 3-D puzzles, spinning wheels, etc.
Gregg Johnson - Bachelor's Shed
Bachelor's Shed
22 x 30 Inches  Watercolour  $1350 Framed
Gregg Johnson - Purple Irises
Purple Irises
22 x 30 Inches  Watercolour  $1295 Framed
Gregg Johnson - Pink Iris
Pink Iris
21 x 14 Inches  Watercolour  $650 Framed
Gregg Johnson - White Orchids
White Orchids
21 x 14 Inches  Watercolour  $650 Framed
Gregg Johnson - Barn and Swaths
Barn and Swaths
14 x 21 Inches  Watercolour  Sold

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