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Bi Yuan Cheng
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Bi Yuan Cheng - Light on Aspens
Light on Aspens
20 x 24 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $2300 Unframed
Bi Yuan Cheng - Nice Afternoon
Nice Afternoon
18 x 24 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $2200 Framed
Bi Yuan Cheng - Spring Snow
Spring Snow
24 x 30 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $3250 Framed
Bi Yuan Cheng - Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake
9 x 12 Inches  Acrylic  Sold
Bi Yuan Cheng - Kiss of Autumn
Kiss of Autumn
24 x 36 Inches  Acrylic  $3600 Framed
Bi Yuan Cheng - Inland Water
Inland Water
18 x 24 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $2200 Framed
Bi Yuan Cheng - Sunwapta Falls
Sunwapta Falls
18 x 24 Inches  Acrylic  $2000 Framed
Bi Yuan Cheng - Silver Mane
Silver Mane
28 x 16 Inches  Acrylic  $2300 Framed

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Selected Commissions
2002  -  Painted 1500 square foot mural of Jasper scenery in the Edmonton International Airport

2001  -  Painted 11 mrals of various international cities at the Edmonton International Ariport

2001  -  Mural showcasing 100 years of Lamont's history at Lamont Health Care Center

2000  -  Painted 6000 square foot mural in honor of World War I and II veterans at Draton Valley Legion

1998  -  Flowers of the World - over 1000 square foot mural for Growers Direct flower shop

Born in 1957 and raised in Jinan, China, Bi Yuan Cheng's career as an artist of various mediums began in his home country.  Under the guidance and encouragement of his father, Bi began practicing art at age five. At the tender age of eleven, Bi was taken under the wing or one of China's most prestigious art professors to learn landscaping, watercolor and oil.  This mentorship would go on for another ten years and prove to be a great factor in Bi's later sucessfull career in art.

By 1975, Bi had already established himself as an accomplished art insrtuctor in Jinan's local art club.  In 1979, Bi moved on to attend the ZiangXi Art University, earning himself a Bachleors Degree in Art.  Bi's renowned gift for art continued to blossom at ZiangXi, as the four years he attended at the school, he consistently found himself as the top student not only in his classes, but in the district.  Dozens of Bi's pieces were collected by the University's Art Museum to display.

After graduating in 1983, Bi went to work in landscaping and sculptural design at Shandong Architectural Company.  In 1987, Bi's sculpture titled "Teasing Swan", recieved second place in a provincial art competition and was recreated in marble, standing two meters tall for the City of Jinan's Central Park.

Bi's success in sculptue continued on the next year when he was chosen out of over 100 competitiors from around the nation to design the sculpural landmark for Shandong Stadium - the province's largest sports facility.  The finished product was a metal and concrete sculpture standing thirty meters high, symbolizing the unification of common people through sport.  His work for the city continued on in 1989, on China's National Day, where Bi designed a fountain standing in Jinan Center Square filled with water lilies, the city's official flower.

With his rising career in sculptural design, the province of Shandong gave Bi the highly distinguished and recognized title as a Chinese Art Master in 1987.

1989 was also an outstanding year for Bi as he was accepted into the prestigious Chinese Encyclopedia of Art.

Emigrating to Canada in 1990 was a big step for Bi Yuan Cheng, who presently still lives in Edmonton.  Bi started his own art studio in 1992 and had found his work prominent in original oil and acrylic painting as well as mural painting.  For the last ten years, Bi has painted more than 50 murals throughout Alberta.

Selected Exhibitions
2002  -  Rowles & Company Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

2001  -  Grant MacEwan Community College - personal art exhibition showcasing original paintings.  Edmonton, Alberta

2000  -  Grant MacEwan Community College - personal art exhibition for College's 'Asian Month of Art', showcasing original paintings

1992  -  Edmonton Public Library, Edmonton, Alberta

1988  -  Shandong Provincial Art Museum, China

1985  -  City of Jinan Museum of Art, China

1981  -  ZiangXi Provincial Art Museum, China