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Donna Marchyshyn Shymko
Donna Marchyshyn (Shymko) was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta. At an early age she showed interest in drawing and painting. Donna attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a BSc. in Clothing and Textiles.
Mainly self taught, Donna enjoys putting colour to paper, canvas and clay. Her sculptures are mostly figurative and realistic in nature. In 1991, Donna was commissioned to do a lifesize bronze of Emily Murphy, for Emily Murphy Park in Edmonton. It was dedicated in September 1992.
Donna has been working in clay for over 30 years, and has been concentrating on Raku for the past 13 years.
She has now started to paint on her plates and vases in a watercolour technique. Donna also finds pleasure in making one of a kind clay art tiles.
Of late, Donna has become fascinated with multi media works on paper. She has painted colour on papers which are cut to create her pictures, that stretch the imagination to see what can be revealed within.
Recently, Donna has been dabbling in watercolours to see where they will take her. For her, the most important thing is to create.
Donna's work can be found in gift shops and galleries across Canada as well as the Western United States.
Donna Marchyshyn Shymko - Hand Painted Small African Vase
Hand Painted Small African Vase
6 x 4.5 Inches  Pottery  Sold
Donna Marchyshyn Shymko - Hand Painted Lidded African Vase
Hand Painted Lidded African Vase
8 x 7 Inches  Pottery  $225
Donna Marchyshyn Shymko - Hand Painted African Bowl
Hand Painted African Bowl
7 x 10 Inches  Pottery  $295

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Artist Statement
I love to paint, sculpt, and otherwise play with a variety of materials. I apply colour and texture to produce a utilitarian piece of art. I live to create.