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Elaine Tweedy
"Nature is resplendent in a kaleidoscope of colour, so often unseen by a chaotic world too busy to stop and 'look up'. If we fail to take notice of the wonder of our natural environment, I fear there will be less effort put forward to preserve this heritage for future generations. In my works, I try to emphasize bold rich colour.....To capture the vibrancy that my eyes see when I stroll through a garden, hike along a mountain trail, or look across a field of freshly mowed hay. Through my paintings it is my hope that others will be inspired to stop and 'look up'."
Elaine Tweedy - Pansy Potpourri
Pansy Potpourri
8 x 14 Inches  Watercolour  $395 Framed
Elaine Tweedy - Autumn Lake
Autumn Lake
12 x 6 Inches  Acrylic  Sold
Elaine Tweedy - Garden Gem
Garden Gem
24 x 12 Inches  Acrylic  $875 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - SunFlower Duet
SunFlower Duet
6 x 6 x 1.5 Inches  Mixed Media  $195 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Alberta Rose
Alberta Rose
8 x 8 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $195 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Cottage In The Woods
Cottage In The Woods
8 x 8 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $195 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Aspen Woods
Aspen Woods
8 x 12 x 1 Inches  Acrylic  $300 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - On The Edge
On The Edge
7.5 x 9 Inches  Watercolour  $300 Framed
Elaine Tweedy - Colour Explosion
Colour Explosion
12 x 36 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $1175 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Miniature V
Miniature V
4.5 x 3.5 Inches  Watercolour  $150 Framed
Elaine Tweedy - Lady In Red
Lady In Red
12 x 12 x 1 Inches  Acrylic  $425 Framed
Elaine Tweedy - Summer Cottage
Summer Cottage
8 x 8 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $195 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Jasper Aspen
Jasper Aspen
12 x 6 x 1 Inches  Acrylic  $250 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Stately Aspen
Stately Aspen
14 x 7 Inches  Watercolour  $400 Framed
Elaine Tweedy - Red Geraniums
Red Geraniums
12 x 9 x 1 Inches  Acrylic  $375 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Miniature IV
Miniature IV
4.5 x 3.5 x 0 Inches  Watercolour  $150 Framed
Elaine Tweedy - Pansy Mix
Pansy Mix
8 x 8 x 1.5 Inches  Acrylic  $195 Unframed
Elaine Tweedy - Alberta Wild Rose
Alberta Wild Rose
9 x 6 Inches  Watercolour  Sold
Elaine Tweedy - Pansie Pumpkins
Pansie Pumpkins
6 x 6 Inches  Acrylic  Sold
Elaine Tweedy - Pink Lily
Pink Lily
6 x 6 Inches  Acrylic  Sold

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Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton "The Language of Flowers"
2017 Trinity Gallery, Edmonton
2015 McMullen Gallery, Edmonton  "The Language of Flowers"
2014 The Gallery on Main, Lacombe  "My Tuscan Travels"
2011-14  Creations Gallery Sawridge Inn, Edmonton
2010  Blue Curve Gallery, Glenrose Hospital Gallery, Edmonton  My passion: Flowers, Color & Paint
2000    Special-T-Gallery, Edmonton
2000-1995    Westin Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta
1997    Prairie to Peak, Marika Fine Art, Banff, ALberta
1998    Little Church Gallery, Spruce Grove, Alberta
1988-1991    Civic Centre, Leduc, Alberta

Elaine Tweedy is a gifted multimedia artist.  Her paintings combine semi-realism and impressionism. She is an artist of passion rather than of intellect.   Certain subjects call to Elaine because they resonate with her sensibility.  Growing up in rural Alberta, Elaine developed a deep feeling for space, color and light. This is apparent in her prairie and mountain paintings.  Inspired by her Grandmother, Elaine’s love of flora and fauna is not limited to garden and floral paintings but also incorporated into many of her landscape scenes.   Elaine also loves to paint intriguing street scenes that capture the history of urban settings.  As you view her works you will find your eyes will move over all the painting just as the painter’s eye moved across the subject.   Her use of bold rich color and strong brushstroke vibrate in her works.    With a penchant for painting ‘en plein-air’ Elaine becomes one with nature.  She has spent endless hours locating those special scenes and recreating them in perpetuity on canvas. Her travels have given her abundant resources and inspiration.

Elaine hails from a long line of family artistic talent.  Her genetic creativity has been further enriched through art studies with Eileen Raucher Sutton of ‘SuttonArt’ and other accomplished artists including Jerry Heine and Gisela Felsberg.  Elaine also studied art through an extension program at the University of Alberta.  She gained membership in the Federation of Canadian Artists in 1989 and holds a membership with the Visual Arts Alberta Association and the Alberta Community Art Clubs Association. This organization presented her with the ‘Jean Stephenson Scholarship Award’ in 1993.  In 1994 a reproduction of Elaine’s painting ‘Johnson Lake Looking West’ was chosen for inclusion in the publication of “24 Heroic Journey’s by author Dr. Shall Sinha.    A watercolor painting of Elaine’s “3 Pears and a Scarf II” won first prize in the advanced category in the 2003 Spruce Grove Open Art Competition. In 2005 Elaine was juried into the International d’art miniature exhibition in Levis, Quebec.  

Elaine’s participation in group and solo shows continues to expand.   Her works have rapidly gained recognition and are featured in a number of fine art galleries in Alberta.   Elaine’s paintings are included in many private, corporate and government collections in Canada and internationally.

1990-96    SuttonArt, Eileen Raucher Sutton, BFA,MFA
1992-95    University of Alberta Workshops
1991-92    Rural Education and Development Association

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